Earn bitcoin with your podcast using Satoshis.Stream

Earn bitcoin as a podcaster!

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Personal wallets are useful if you want to receive sats, but do not own a podcast.

Use cases

How does it work?

  1. Find your personal value. Open Telegram, talk to @SatohisStreamBot and say /personalwallet . You will see your personal value.
  2. This value should end up in a value split. Someone should set key 7771777 to this value (in a split). This can be done on podcasterwallet by the feed owner, or manually by feed owners who can edit their feed.
  3. If people stream/boost sats, you will get it. Say /personalwallet again to view your balance. Fees apply as usual (4%). The amount you see has the fee subtracted already and can be withdrawn.
  4. If you send a Lightning Invoice to the bot of EXACTLY the balance, the bot will the sats to your Lightning wallet!

Technical specs


No alerts, boostagram messages, exports or insights into payments. Those are for podcast owners only (who claim using the /claim command).

Personal wallets only have a balance which you can withdraw.